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Winter Riding On A Fat Bike

The last few set of snow storms ended our mountain biking on dirt. At this point mountain biking can morph into many different forms. There is the dream and fantasy of next summers rides or escaping to the desert to get that trail fix. That is often times accompanied by interludes across the internet [...]

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Fat Biking

Fat bikes are a blast. Maybe it's that new, like a new toy at Christmas or is it the rush of a new fun activity. It could just be that riding a bike in the snow gives me the thrill much like the rides of summer but just a tad colder.Winter Park is unique in [...]

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Fall Riding in Winter Park

The days are getting shorter, snow is making a few appearances up high and the temperature is slowly getting colder. This is one of the best times of year to get out and enjoy your bike. Colors are changing, elk are bugling and who doesn't like to let that inner kid out to play. [...]

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Winter Is Coming

I think I made the last ride of the season in the Winter Park area on my cross country mountain bike. Winter has really arrived. It is like it was waiting for us to say good bye to fall by letting us hold onto the last ties to summer just a bit longer. It [...]

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Winter Park Biking

One of the hardest things about mountain biking in Winter Park is deciding what to ride. I think you know you are living/visiting the right place when this is a problem. Should I venture out on the hundreds of miles of cross country trails near town? Maybe I'll take an excursion to do a [...]

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