Rental Benefits

  • Pay For Days Used | You only pay for the days you use the gear
  • How Does This Work? | Pay for days used requires 3+ days of use requires 3 day minimum rental. Days used must be equal to or greater than days not used. No other shop does this.

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Rental Reservation And Payment Process

Reservation Frequently Asked Questions

Store Location | Unsure about which store to select? Then choose Beavers Sports Shop.  If need be add information in the comments section at the bottom of the form.

Rental Equipment Options | Not sure which ski or snowboard equipment to choose? Check out our ski, snowboard and clothing rentals. You have the ability to select any of our equipment at the time you pick the rental equipment up (subject to availability at times).

When Is My Final Payment Due? | Reservations require full payment at the time of the reservation. If you are unsure about the days you will ski then reserve for the least amount of days. You can always add days at the time of the rental pick up.

Thanks for using Ski4less, Beavers Sports Shop, Snow Mountain Sports and Winter Park Ski Rental for your equipment rental needs! You are going to have a great time in Winter Park!