Ski and Snowboard Tune-Ups & Repair

We offer a complete ski and snowboard tuning and repair facility. All tune-ups are done overnight so that you do not miss a moment on the slopes. Drop off your equipment when you get to town.  We’ll tune or repair it to make your equipment work, as it should. See below for our a complete list of our current services and rates.

Why Keep Your Equipment Tuned?

Why sacrifice your experience with poorly maintained equipment? Most people underestimate what a tune-up can do to their skis or boards. Equipment that is well tuned will turn easily, glide smoothly and allow you to be at your best. Poorly maintained or tuned equipment does not work anything like it should thus causing you to use much more effort to turn or maintain control. It is also possible to tune equipment poorly so that it works against you.

Stop in and let us evaluate your equipment. It may be the best thing you do for your vacation!

Current Services & Rates
 Buff Wax*   $10
 Hot Wax*
$ 20
 Mini Tune/Buff Wax*
 Mini Tune/Hot Wax*
 Full Tune/Buff Wax*
 $40 & Up
 Full Tune/Hot Wax*
 $50 & Up
 Binding Adjustment
 $15 and Up
 Core Shot
 $10 Each
 Base Repair

*Priced based on ski wax. Add  $5 for snowboard wax.
**Shop Labor Rate: $45/HR. Parts priced separately.