CoVID Information

COVID 19 Information

Help us Save our Season

Our business and local area like many others have been dramatically impacted by the current COVID19 pandemic.

We have had to change our methods, policies and day to day operations in order to keep you our guest, our employees and their families as safe as possible.

Refunds will be given should Winter Park or Granby Ranch close due to COVID.

We ask that you respect our policies and changes. Our goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible while doing our best to create an environment that keeps our community open and allows you to have the best quality of experience. Our ability to support the lifestyle that we all enjoy as well as secure our livelihood are dependent on our ability to take precautions to reduce the spread of COVID19 and your ability to support those precautions.

Masks and Face Coverings

Masks and Face coverings are REQUIRED for all persons over the age of 3. We will comply will regulations regarding masks. No one wants to wear a mask but until we return to normalcy we must take necessary precautions.

Any guest that does not wear a mask will not be allowed in the store or asked to leave. There will be no refunds due to failure to wear a mask. We will have a limited number of disposable mask available if needed.

All people are asked to maintain a distance of 6′ from anyone not in their party.

Groups fittings and reservations will be regulated to comply with occupancy and any other regulations.

Our standard practices:

All employees will go through a screening at the beginning of each shift.

This screening includes temperature taken, review of COVID19 related symptoms such as fever, loss of taste, loss of smell, difficulty breathing, dry cough or other symptoms as outlined by the CDC. In addition any contact with anyone that has exhibit symptoms or has tested positive for COVID19. Any employee that does not pass the screening will be sent home. They will not return to work until they have a negative COVID19 test.

All guests (age 3 and above) and staff are REQUIRED to wear a mask at all times. Any guest that does not wear a mask will not be allowed in the store. There will be no refunds due to failure to wear a mask. We will have a limited number of disposable mask available if needed.

Any guest showing symptoms of COVID19 will not be admitted.

Shared surfaces, pens, tools etc. will be sanitized  after each use.

We ask that guests only touch items and products that are necessary for them to touch.

Precautionary measures

Dividers are in place at check out area.

Social distancing signs and stickers are in and around the shop to maintain distance.

Stores will be limited on the amount of people in the store. This is posted at each store and varies from store to store due to store size and layout. Due to local, state and other requirements the number of people allowed in the stores may change.

Guests will be required to wait outside of the store when store limits are reached.

Rental returns will be taken outside of the store when possible.

Employee and guest interaction will be different than in the past. Our staff will not be able to fit your equipment directly on you as we have in the past. You will instructed on how to fit the equipment and its use. We will do our best to size you per our standards and your ability and experience.

Public restrooms will not be available. Please plan accordingly.

Rental equipment will be disinfected after each use.

Air purification systems are in place at each location.

Hand sanitizer will be available at multiple locations throughout each store.

Any clothing or items that are tried on but not purchased will be sanitized before it is returned to the floor.